precision in plastic

Technical Plastic Parts (thermoplastic)


You are looking for a competent business partner, who offers you the opportunity of accompanying your product from the idea to serial production. You have a drawing or a model, we will sort out the rest, the mould construction, the mould production and the serial production. More than 40 years experience in the area of thermoplast injection moulding speak for themselves.

We manufacture on 15 injection moulding machines of the most modern embossing (brand ARBURG) diverse thermoplastic moulding materials (PE, PP, PS, PA, ABS, PC, TPE, TPU etc.) from technical parts of a fraction of a gram to unit weights of about 500 grams. The clamping force of our machinery comes to up to 2200 kN. The mechanical finishing of a product manufactured by us is just as small a problem as the production of complex assemblies in our assembly department.


You are interested in a small explanation of the injection moulding process? Please take a look into the following demonstration video we prepared for you (you can enlarge it to full screen size by clicking the small square in the corner at the bottom right).


mould construction with ultra-modern CAD-software and CAM-implementation of machinery

serial production of your thermoplastic part

our mould making dept. with several milling, eroding, grinding and turning machines, most of them CNC controlled

some examples of thermoplastic parts we produce in moulds which we built on customer's order

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